Three keys to building an audience on Social Media: Consistency, Consistency, and Consistency.

Side by side screenshots from Sarah Jenkins TikTok account. The left-hand pane includes her three most recent posts, all created and posted within 24 hours. Sarah has 100.6K followers and 8.1M likes. In the right-hand pane is an image of Sarah in a leopard print top, looking into the camera and drinking a Starbucks coffee, with the caption "See you in the next vlog!"

Consistency is the key to breaking through the social media marketing noise.

It’s no secret that a strong social media presence is good for the success of your brand or business. But over the last year, the power of social media has increased rapidly due to the COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. With more people spending more time on social media, the importance continues to grow and people are predicting it will just become more and more powerful.

In a study conducted by SproutSocial:

  • 43% of consumers used social media to discover new brands
  • 43% of Gen Z and 49% of Millennial users have purchased directly from a social media platform

Look at any social media platform: you’ll be inundated with brands and businesses trying to reach you: to create brand awareness, gain followers, connect with consumers, and of course, sell product. Whether it’s Netflix on Twitter, Chipotle on Instagram, Will Smith on Facebook, or The Washington Post on Tik Tok, everyone, it seems, wants our attention. So when you’ve got a brand to promote, how do you break through all the marketing noise?

One thing that most successful content creators say helped drive their success is consistency: in messaging, in quality, or simply how often they share content. The shift from limited, high-quality content has been slow, but there is no doubt that these days, quantity trumps quality.

More is More

If you take a look at the shift of original content by Netflix over the last 10 years you can see that its business model has shifted from a few, outstanding original shows to many original shows, some outstanding, others not so much. Additionally, they are starting to shift from the “binge-watching” model of dropping entire seasons on one day, but rather spacing things out by a week. Some critics are now praising shows like White Lotus on HBO for doing the same- “White Lotus is another great example of why the weekly model is so much better than the season drop. If it had premiered in its entirety on Netflix, everyone would have moved on three days later. This way it became the show of the summer.”

Remaining consistent with posting content is key to remaining relevant in a world where we are constantly inundated with information. 

This transformation can be seen in more grassroots spaces as well. Look at TikTok, where the mysterious algorithm seems to reward creators who post consistent content, rather than inconsistent, quality content. Some creators such as Sarah Jenkins and Julianna Marie make it their mission to post at least once a day (3-4 times a day more often than not) with quick, easy-to-digest content that is also easy to shoot and edit. This tactic has rewarded them with over a hundred thousand followers each. David Dobrick used a similar mantra when transitioning his career from Vine to YouTube, where he would post 3 times a week no matter how boring his life was (spoiler alert: the more he posted, the more exciting his life became). 649 vlogs later, he’s still posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for his 18.3 million subscribers. 

Not for Everyone

Making a living on Social Media is hard work, and it’s not for everyone. It’s not about taking the time to ideate and creating amazing content only when the inspiration strikes; it’s about keeping a consistent posting cadence, staying on brand and message, and keeping your brand in the conversation.

Teagan Chevrier is a video editor at Innovate By Day and is the co-host and producer of the podcast Our Golden 20s

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