Our experts help you define your brand, clarify your message and values, and highlight what makes your brand unique.

The Why?

It is critical for brands to have a presence on social media in addition to a traditional website. It builds credibility, discoverability and brand loyalty. 

In order to understand your goals and customer targets, we will guide you through our Brand Development Process, to aid you in making your company, products, and services easier to find. Without a clear focus, it doesn’t take much to burn through your budget, time, and resources. Together, we will determine who you need to reach, and where, when, and how to reach them—saving you money, time, and effort. 

Our experts help you define your brand, clarify your message and values, and highlight what makes your company unique. From there, we will devise a plan that will outline your marketing priorities and next steps to engage with your audience.

The How?

It begins with understanding your business goals. We work with you one-on-one to determine how best to leverage your brand online to achieve your objectives. There are several steps in the process that result in a report that will outline priorities and next steps to achieving your objectives.


We’ll send you a short worksheet to fill in to get you started. These are high-level questions about your brand and what your marketing and social looks like today.


Our experts will work with you one-on-one in an interview-style session to help you:

  • Define your brand and online voice
  • Clarify your message and values
  • Highlight what makes your brand unique
  • Identify areas to focus your efforts
  • Devise strategies to maximize your profile and presence 



  • Pre-assignment
  • 2-hour interactive consultation
  • Audio recording of consultation
  • Detailed notes from the session with priority next steps


5-10 business days, depending on availability and number of team members participating in the process.


From $900 plus applicable taxes.