At Innovate By Day, we value camaraderie and innovation. We work closely together—collaborating with our clients and within our team. We stay on top of trends in digital marketing and communications. We make great digital content for dynamic campaigns, guided by thoughtful strategic plans. For the last ten years, we’ve specialized in the cultural industry—but you don’t have to be a TV producer to work with us.

We bring what we know about social media marketing, creating killer content, engaging audiences in authentic conversation, and driving acquisitions, to you.


We craft your stories to attract and engage audiences—driving toward measurable results. Our history of working with leading networks, government, industry organizations, corporate clients, and popular shows and films means we thrive in high-stakes environments with multiple stakeholders. We are agile in our approach and courageous in our execution, delivering results—while having fun in the process.


We listen: to you—our clients, to audiences, and to each other. These are core values for us, and a best practice for engaging audiences. We check our egos at the door, and always put our best work forward. So, let’s collaborate—we can’t wait to engage audiences around you and your projects.

We produce work in both of Canada’s official languages.
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The Team

We are agile, adaptable team players who evolve marketing strategies to get results. We are enthusiastic about your work and ours, and we are committed to reaching and impacting your audience, delivering a successful campaign.

Deb Day (she/her/elle)CEO & Chief Strategist

Torin Stefanson (he/him)Production & Business Affairs

Torin Stefanson (he/him) Production & Business Affairs

Chloe Perelgut (she/her)Client Success, Strategy & Communications

Chloe Perelgut (she/her) Client Success, Strategy & Communications

Doug Benn (he/him)Video Production & Postproduction,
Innovate By Day Studios

Doug Benn (he/him) Video Production & Postproduction, Innovate By Day Studios

James Woods (he/him)Marketing, Content Development, and Social Media

James Woods (he/him) Marketing, Content Development, and Social Media

Joe Parente (he/him)Video Production & Postproduction,
Innovate By Day Studios

Joe Parente (he/him) Video Production & Postproduction, Innovate By Day Studios

Teagan Chevrier (she/her)Video Production & Postproduction,
Innovate By Day Studios

Teagan Chevrier (she/her) Video Production & Postproduction Innovate By Day Studios

Rajiv Gupta (he/him)Bookkeeping & Accounting

Rajiv Gupta (he/him) Bookkeeping & Accounting

Nilu Seneviratne (she/her)User Experience / UI Design

 Nilu Senevi (she/her) UX/UI Design

Bubba-Guinness (he/him)Naps & Treats

 Bubba-Guinness (he/him)  Naps & Treats

Tank (he/him)Mischief

Tank (he/him) Mischief

This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Digital Skills for Youth, as part of the Youth Employment Strategy.

Le financement de cette initiative est fourni par le gouvernement du Canada par l'entremise de l’Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada – Programme de compétences numériques pour les jeunes dans le cadre de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.