When I started Innovate By Day in 2010, I saw that audiences were looking for a way to connect directly with the talent behind the shows that they loved. And they weren’t being heard. I saw the opportunity to facilitate that conversation for them through social media. My 20 years working as a director and producer gave me direct relationships with creators in front of and behind the camera. I was uniquely positioned to create content that extended the reach of the show that offered authentic, real time engagement with fans.

Cut to today. The company has grown by leaps and bounds. We have an experienced team that spans many disciplines, including brand marketing, classic PR, creative development, social media management, web and app development, video production, media buying, and analytics.  We’ve been fortunate to have extraordinary clients from across the industry - spanning genres, countries, short form and long form projects, and multi-year campaigns. It has been a real privilege.

So why work with us? Because we listen. To our clients, to audiences, and to each other. And once we have your attention, we respond, thoughtfully. We are collaborators and facilitators. These are core values for us, not to mention a best practice for engaging audiences. Listen, engage, respond. That is what Innovate By Day is all about.

Deborah Day