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We’ve been working with brands for over 10 years to connect them with the people who matter most to them. We can help you, too.

How many times have we heard “I’m not in the business of social media,” or “We’re not in the business of marketing?” We know that you’re busy running your business and that marketing yourself online is something that’s hard to figure out.

When Deb Day started Innovate By Day 11 years ago, social media was new territory for a lot of businesses. A connector at heart, she knew there was an opportunity to connect all kinds of businesses with people who would be interested in what they have to offer. And at the time, it took some convincing. Now social media and digital marketing are ubiquitous.

Today, businesses need to be discoverable online to really thrive. How your brand represents itself is critical when it comes to your credibility and reputation. Companies think they need to be everywhere, but we disagree—especially if you are working with limited time, budget, and resources. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Find a consultant or a company that you can trust—someone who knows what they’re doing—to guide you.

At Innovate By Day, we’ve been creating strategies and social campaigns for over a decade, and every strategy, every campaign, every single post begins with understanding our clients, their goals, and who they want to reach.  To do this, we’ve developed a brand discovery framework that we call the Brand Development Package. It is a scalable framework that can be applied to individuals, businesses, not-for-profits, and government agencies, to help them to better define their brand voice, so they can more effectively reach and engage clients and customers where they are—online.

If you are looking for external, professional support to improve your brand or company’s reach, let’s meet!)


James Woods is Innovate By Day’s senior content manager. He spends his days writing, re-writing, and generally trying to make things look professional.

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