Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is a six part documentary series examining 400 years of human trafficking from Africa to the New World. The series features Hollywood icon and human rights activist, Samuel L. Jackson, journalist Afua Hirsch, and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici. Returning client Associate Producers Ltd. approached Innovate By Day to represent the series on social media through premieres and broadcast windows in the USA, UK, and Canada.



Launch the series and grow the audience across social media channels in support of broadcast in multiple markets worldwide


Engage audiences on social media as the hub for conversation, driving tune-in

what we did


Social Media Strategy | Social Media Community Management | Social Content Curation | Paid Reach

Working closely with AP Ltd., we created targeted social media channels to support the discoverability for the series worldwide. Representing the series thoughtfully in multiple international markets, we curated content, wrote messaging, and moderated the online conversation on all social channels. Engaged viewers participated in thoughtful and meaningful conversation, supporting broadcasts on specialty channel EpixHD in the US, BBC Two in the UK, and CBC in Canada.



Average 26% organic follower growth week-over-week across social media channels