Social & Digital Media Strategy

We consider your audience, resources, and objectives to develop a thoughtful strategy to bring your community together online. We help you plan your day-to-day social media tactics, and we implement your plan on an ongoing basis, if that’s what you need.

Dynamic Media Content

We develop media that is responsive to new technology and industry-wide standards, reaching audiences across all platforms from online video to mobile gaming apps. Our robust suite of media platforms is customized to each project’s needs on a case-by-case basis.

Community Management

We build and manage social media communities for entertainment properties. Our first step is to understand your project and its voice. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest – each platform has different objectives and needs. It is essential to determine which combination of platforms works best for your project, how each platform will be used, and how each will be distinct from the others.

IBD works closely with you to ensure you are aware of what your community is saying, and how they are responding to your project. We keep track of your project and its principals, and bring appropriate third-party content to your audience. We identify and reach out to your superfans and key influencers in the broader community. Appreciating your project’s advocates is important for continued and future efforts. We also monitor your competition and stay on top of key trends in the social space. Consistency, monitoring, and regular engagement are the keys to social media success.

Website Design & Development

We create stunning, responsive websites that use the latest in web standards to ensure user access and cross-platform compliancy. From blogs and media portals to full sites and communities, we always ensure a unique client presence on the web.

Funding Applications & Sponsorships

Digital Media extensions cost money, money that you’re probably already putting into your main production and promotion budget. Many digital media projects require additional financing, and thankfully there are funding bodies like the Bell Fund, Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), and Canadian Media Fund (CMF). IBD helps you write the appropriate funding applications, and prepare the required follow-up reports.

Project Development & Management

Managing a project from top to bottom is our forte. From budget to broadcast, our team of specialists can devise and deliver on all fronts. We deal with asset development, campaign management, and bringing a client’s vision to reality.

Online Marketing & Analysis

Part of creating an online community is finding its potential members and letting them know your project exists. We create effective online marketing campaigns and promote specific content to bring more people to your community pages and ultimately to your primary project. Creating and implementing online campaigns is a big part of what we do.

With the rules of the different platforms constantly changing, creating real engagement with a project often takes time and multiple campaigns. Understanding what resonates with your target audience allows us to evolve your campaign over time.

Impact Production

Visualizing the whole of a project and generating a strong response in an audience is a key part of satisfying a client’s vision. We do just that at IBD, drawing on all facets of a project to form a cohesive, deliberate message that leaves a lasting impact on the right people.


CyberSmarts Training

Innovate By Day provides a tandem interactive training session for middle school and high school students and their parents that provides training and tools to address online safety in the social media sphere.

Take-away packages aligning with Ontario Curriculum standards are provided to teachers after the session.


Whether it’s identifying the ideal demographic for a project, understanding the nuances of its cultural and temporal context, or incorporating the relevant facts and figures, our team ensures that no media exists in a void.

Online Ad Campaigns

We offer a wide array of social advertising services. Working with both large and small budgets, we devise personalized ad strategies, create content and continuously optimize campaigns to ensure the greatest reach and success.

Transmedia Development

Each project has distinct needs to engage its audience, and generating project-specific content for digital platforms, with specific rollout strategies, is central to what we do. The Internet and mobile technology have opened up a whole new world of ways to deliver your story to your audience, in multiple media, on multiple screens and platforms. Successful digital strategies hinge on providing original value-added content to your audience.

IBD researches your project and target audience to help you identify ways to tell more of your story on the best platforms. We develop and produce second-screen content and real-world events that complement your project’s main element. Our team helps you find the right digital tools to tell your story to your audience. We evolve project-specific strategies based on your content, resources, financing, and revenue generation projections.

We have produced several web series tied to broadcast television shows, as well as blogs, in-character Twitter feeds, project-specific videos, and music videos. Our background as storytellers, combined with our expertise in film and television production, makes creating webseries or tangential stories with you a seamless process.

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