Client: Ocean Entertainment
Network: Accessible Media Inc.

What Happened to Holly Barlett - a story of a woman with disabilities and the strange events sorrounding her murder - touched the hearts of many both in and outside of the disabled community. Innovate By Day worked strategically with producer, Ocean Entertainment and network, Accessible Media to launch a brand new docu series, accompanied by a weekly podcast. Catering to AMI’s predominantly need-to-carry network for all cable subscriptions, Innovate By Day had to be mindful of accessibility from the very beginning of our planning.

Reflective of sensitivities surrounding the show, Innovate By Day created unique social content that was focused on accessibility to fans who were hearing/vision impaired. We developed our content to include alternate text, screen reader accessible graphics, making sure the correct language for community guidelines needs to be used, and displayed an overall awareness towards the community’s sensitivities. We also developed the overall graphic design and audiograms for the show.

We also leveraged the weekly podcast to get more fans to watch the show. Our content was compelling, and helped raise awareness to Holly Bartlett’s tragic story. We received fantastic engagement and maintained an exceptionally positive sentiment. Monitoring community management very closely, we helped to circulate great discussions around individuals with disabilities, breaking stereotyped perceptions, and minimizing discriminations towards the community.