Client: IGP Productions
Network: CBC

After 25 years off the air, Street Legal returned to network television in 2019 with a brand new cast, as well as two original cast members (Cynthia Dale and Eric Peterson). We were tasked with creating engaging video content that tapped into the existing fan base, as well as captivating a new fan base with the introduction of an updated cast.

Innovate By Day partnered with IGP Productions and CBC to create social video content to engage with existing fans as well as new ones. Dynamic Character pieces and exclusive behind the scenes content was developed to highlight the key hooks that built the original fan base, and conversely tell the story of the “next generation” of whip-smart lawyers.

As the show’s original setting of Toronto was brought back for this reboot, creative and online targeting for our 2019 audience appealed to proud Canadian fans, who were excited about a distinctively Toronto-based legal drama.