Client: Amaze Film and Television
Network: YTV

Working from day one of production with Amaze Film + Television, we embedded ourselves on the set of The Stanley Dynamic to capture a wide range of content to extend the animated/live action world of the show and engage fans of the show.

Beginning with the first season and spanning the course of 3 years, we produced and published daily graphic offerings capturing the tone and energy of the series as well as weekly live-tweets filled with action-packed gifs. We also mentored the young cast at creating and maintaining a youth-friendly presence online as well as promoting the companion game The Stanley Adventure.

Across the 2 seasons, we produced over 100 digital videos including two multi-episode web series, Are You Sassier Than A 4th Grader and Check It Out with Charles, featuring the show’s multiple famous guest stars.  

To bring the experience closer to home for our audience, we covered multiple live events, including an interactive meet and greet booth at the Canadian Academy of Film and Television’s Family Fan Day 2017.