Client: Mohawk Princess Pictures and Rezolution Pictures
Network: APTN

Innovate By Day was brought on in Season 1 to help create an online presence for the series, with the goal of reaching both Indigenous and non-Indigenous fans alike. From beginning to finale, we had built an active and engaged community for the series, reflected both on and offline across Canada.

IBD worked closely with Mohawk Girls’ production team and network across all five seasons of this groundbreaking and award-winning show. Our extensive work included producing scripted web series, digital featurettes and episodic behind-the-scenes videos, Facebook Live content, as well as an array of engaging social and web content to engage fans across multiple platforms. We also designed and built the series website to act as an interactive hub for all things Mohawk Girls, capturing the unique look and feel of the show in the digital space full of fun content including four mobile-friendly quizzes. We engaged and grew the niche community, and ran online ad campaigns to broaden the show’s reach.

Further, we also played a part in developing the Mohawk Girls brand, conceptualizing and creating the unforgettable series posters that were recognized and loved by fans across the country. Innovate By Day played an instrumental part in marketing the show described as “Sex and the City on the Rez”, capturing the hearts of fans online by maximizing digital impact.