Six Ways To Take Your Video From Good To Great

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by Joe Parente, Videographer & Editor

In a world where everyone is carrying a digital movie studio around in their pocket, how do make your content stand out among the others?

Scrolling is a content creator’s worst nightmare. We want to make our audiences stop, watch, and feel so moved by our videos that they’re inspired to like, follow, and subscribe.

Audiences are looking for—and expect—professional, high-quality videos when choosing what to watch. If your content has beautiful visuals and excellent sound quality, you already have the edge over millions of other videos online.

Here are our top five tips on how to make your videos so great your audience can't look away:

1. A Cinematic image

Now that even the latest smartphones are equipped with high-quality lenses and UHD video recording capabilities, even amateur videographers are capable of creating cinematic-quality videos.

It’s not just feature films that use a cinematic visual style—TV series, documentaries, and YouTube videos are too. Whether you’re achieving this look through the choice of camera/lens, lighting, or a top-end colour grade, this is the standard of visual quality that you should be striving to meet if you want your videos to stand out and be noticed.

Featurette for Ransom Season 3.

2. The First 5-Seconds

A great video should pull the audience immediately. It doesn’t give them the chance to swipe, scroll, turn away, click off, or reach for their phone to watch something else. Try to grab the attention of the viewer within the first 5 seconds of your video and hook them right away.

3. Tug On Their Heartstrings

The job of any video is to engage the audience, but a truly great video will also make your audience feel something. Whether your intention is to make them laugh or to deliver a message, if you can get your audience to relate to the content on a more personal level, to feel something, your video will be that much more impactful and memorable.

4. Sound Mix

A great video needs great audio as well and thinking about this early on is important. Make sure you get the best audio recording possible while shooting your content. Then think about what the overall sound design of your video will need – layering your dialogue, music, sound FX, ambience tracks, etc., will build the auditory world of your video. Not only does this make it feel fuller and more professional, but creating a compelling sonic landscape will build a connection to your audience so you can hit them on an emotional level.

Instagram Reel for Telefilm Canada.

5. Those Finishing Touches

Adding some stylized titles, video FX, graphics, overlays, transitions, and animations can give your video energy and make it stand out. The best part is that many of these types of graphics can be found online for free!


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