Tassie Cameron
creator of Rookie Blue and Executive Producer of Mary Kills People

Cynthia Knight & Tracey Deer
The creator and head writer of the acclaimed APTN show 'Mohawk Girls'

Navigating the digital and social components to any series can be a daunting task any day of the week. The great news is that when working with Deb and the team at Innovate By Day, they have an insanely talented team who will eat, breathe, sleep the creative for your show. They work with and nurture your talent, while creating incredible convergent content and social interactions that deliver above and beyond results that translate into meaningful fan engagement combined with powerful, tangible and enhanced awareness for your brand/series in what is a very busy digital landscape with ease, comfort and laser focused expertise.

David Cormican
Partner & President, Don Carmody Television

I worked with Deb Day for over a year as our social media and online producer for INSECURITY. Deb has great ideas and terrific follow through. She knows how to deliver on time and on budget, while “over delivering” on ideas and engagement. Deb is an innovator, a collaborator, a communicator and has a great sense of how to extend brand and create excitement and engagement. She’s a joy to work with.

Virginia Thompson
Executive Producer, Verité Films

Working with IBD has been an absolute pleasure. Deb and her team are engaging, professional, and ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital. They listened closely to our needs and surpassed all our expectations. The CALL ME FITZ digital campaign and web site they created stands out as a wonderful tribute to the show. We had lots of fun working with IBD, and won’t hesitate to partner with them again.

Teza Lawrence
Executive Producer, Amaze Film + Television

Deb Day is the only woman besides my wife that I can’t say no to. She makes the creative process fun, the brainstorming exciting and we always end up with a product we can all be proud of. Professional, an organizing genius and not afraid to take chances, Deb is every collaborator’s dream.

Colin Mochrie
Performer, Writer, Creator

Deborah’s expertise, professionalism, and personality make her such a vital element to the success of this festival. Each year that she has worked with us, our participants have given unanimously positive feedback, particularly noting Deb’s ability to encourage their ideas while coaching them to be articulate and concise.

Kerry Potts
Director of Development, ImagineNATIVE