Harness your virtual presence online. One year into the pandemic, have you optimized your virtual setup for video calls?  Project with confidence, lead by example and maximize opportunities in online meetings, networking, and presentations. 

How It Works

In this 75-minute one-on-one online consultation, our experts will teach you the skills to optimize your set up to present yourself professionally on camera, with tips on background, lighting, and sound. And it is more than tech setup - learn how to project empathy and connect most effectively online.

Session Components


  • Camera Position and Framing
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • How to dress your background
  • Wardrobe choices
  • Setting up your system to minimize interruptions and maximize resources


  • Techniques to project empathy, energy, and confidence
  • Vocal techniques
  • Physical presentation
  • Maintaining connection and engagement with people virtually


$245 per person plus applicable taxes.