A customized, interactive, web-based fantasy-pool-style game designed and built specifically for reality, competition and sports programming, the Innovate Prediction Game drives fans to tune-in/stream, to feel part of the action and to play competing for prizes and the ultimate bragging rights.

The Why?

  • Drives broadcast tune-ins and repeat play 
  • Fans interact with the brand creating positive associations and emotional connection
  • Attracts sponsors looking for meaningful, targeted engagement with fans
  • Data collection
  • Social media integration
  • Email list capture and notifications
  • Incentivizes fan engagement, sharing, and conversation
  • Offers fans multiple touchpoints with the series
  • May be pushed to and promoted on-air (in-show or lower-thirds) 
  • Team with proven track record for build and implementation of the game

Opportunities for Sponsor Integration

  • The ONLY Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity*
  • Associates the brand with the fun of the play and the show
  • The sponsor’s brand identity is featured prominently throughout the website and on the opt-in weekly results/reminder email list 
  • Repeat visits to the website result in many high-quality impressions for the sponsor
  • Social media sharing by players is incentivized for points accumulation
  • The sponsor and their messaging is featured prominently on the “Thank you for submitting your answers” pages 
  • Sponsors may be offered specific questions or elements specific to their brand and products in the series and game
  • Potential for show integration and push to play

*Sponsor covers the cost of the game and the prizes

The How?

  • Designed to align with the look of the series as dictated by the network
  • The game is hosted on its own server
  • The look is customized to the series branding and  integrates the branding of its lead sponsor
  • Gameplay incentivizes fan sharing on social media
  • Players can create and join groups
  • A leaderboard is updated weekly with the latest player standings


Lead Time from start of contract to game launch is 8-14 weeks


From $50,000 depending on project timelines and level of customization