Our experts help you define your brand, clarify your message and values, and highlight what makes your brand unique.

The Why?

A brand presence online and on social media is essential for companies - big and small. It builds credibility, discoverability, and brand loyalty. In understanding your goals and your customer targets we will guide you through a process that will make discovering your company products or services effortless for them - and focused for you.

Our experts help you further define your brand, clarify your messaging and company values, and highlight what makes your brand unique. We will develop a plan that fits your objectives, and streamlines processes, saving you time and money.


It begins with understanding your business goals. We work with you one-on-one to determine how best to leverage your brand online. There are several steps in the process that result in a report that will outline priorities and next steps to achieving your objectives.


We’ll send you a short worksheet to fill in to get you started. These are high-level questions about your brand and what your marketing and social look like today.


Our experts will work with you one-on-one in an interview-style session to help you:

  • Define your brand and online voice
  • Clarify your message and values
  • Highlight what makes your brand unique
  • Identify areas to focus your efforts
  • Devise strategies to maximize your profile and presence


  • Pre-assignment
  • Interactive consultations
  • Detailed report and outline of next steps
  • Identify KPI’s and Benchmarks
  • Website Wellness Check
  • Brand positioning, voice, tone, messaging
  • Recommended third party tools
  • Social Media Wellness Check


10 - 14 business days, depending on availability and number of team members participating in the process