Celebrating Women in Tech: My Journey, Inspirations, and Working in a Women-Led Company

Explore the vibrant world of women in tech through the eyes of Nilu, our passionate UX/UI Designer at Innovate By Day. Join us in celebrating Women's History Month as Nilu shares her personal journey, inspirations, and the empowering environment of our women-led company. From iconic figures like Susan Kare and Paula Scher to the innovative spirit of Zaha Hadid, dive into the intersection of technology, creativity, and empowerment. Discover how compassion, collaboration, and bold innovation shape the landscape of tech, guided by Nilu's unique perspective and experiences as she navigates the dynamic world of UX/UI design within our empowering women-led company.

In the bustling world of technology, women continue to carve out their space, leaving a notable mark on the industry’s forefront. While we, at Innovate By Day, embrace every opportunity to uplift and honour the extraordinary women on our team and in our community, this month, we wanted to take it up a notch to not only reflect on the remarkable achievements of women in tech but also to celebrate the unique journeys that brought them here.

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, I (Nilu) find myself reflecting not only on the incredible journey shaped by influential women in the tech-design space but also on the unique environment of Innovate By Day, a women-led company that has played a significant role in my professional journey as a UX/UI designer.

In recent years, there's been an incredible shift in the tech industry towards supporting and acknowledging women - and I've experienced it firsthand. This positive shift reassures me that our field is progressing towards a more inclusive future.  Being part of Women In Tech and engaging in various women-centric industry events has given me the tools and community to navigate my tech career. Moreover, observing the women in our industry has taught me the importance of traits such as kindness, compassion, and empathy. They've shown me how approaching clients and teammates with care and empathy can foster success in one’s career. Thanks to them, I've come to understand that professional success can go hand in hand with embodying a gentle and compassionate approach.

Among the women in the industry who have inspired me, Susan Kare's influence plays a big role. Her groundbreaking work in graphic design, particularly her iconic designs for early Apple systems, laid the groundwork for modern user interface(UI) design. Kare's ability to blend creativity with functionality continues to shape my approach to UI design, reminding me of the power of simplicity and elegance in user experiences. She paved the way for designers, particularly during a time when the industry was predominantly male-dominated.

Paula Scher's fearless exploration of graphic design has also left a lasting impression on me. Her bold and visionary approach challenges conventions and pushes boundaries, showing me the potential of a design to communicate ideas and evoke emotions. Scher's work inspires me to think outside the box and embrace experimentation in my work here at Innovate By Day.

In the space of architecture and digital innovation, Zaha Hadid's designs serve as constant reminders of the boundless possibilities at the intersection of technology and creativity. Her fluid forms and dynamic geometries redefine architectural norms, inspiring me to push the limits of design, explore new tools and software, and get curious about other design mediums. 

What adds a unique dimension to my journey is being part of a women-led company today. Deb Day, our CEO, embodies the strength and capability of women in business, fostering a supportive and empowering atmosphere where every voice here at Innovate By Day is valued and heard. Collaborating with the talented women on my team, who each have their own unique story, has been instrumental in developing my own voice.

Written by Nilu Seneviratne (she/her), UX/UI Designer at Innovate By Day.  

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