#Namaslay: Can Yoga Improve Your Productivity at Work?

The simple answer is YES! People who practice yoga know that showing up on the mat is a way of dealing and moving through things, when life gets a bit overwhelming. The more you flow and the more you combine breath with movement, the less ‘up in your head’ you are! 

Your work thrives when you’re at your best physically and mentally, and practicing yoga helps you do both. So get in a 'yoga state of mind' and keep reading!

Why burn out when you could 'zen out' and get things done?

Multiple deadlines, constant pings, burnout, and creative blocks…sound familiar? 

With so much to do, your energy and attention are scattered. You focus on all the wrong things and your to-dos may never be checked off your ever-growing list. 

For some, creativity comes at a price and often conflicts with priorities and being productive. If your work feels like a to-do list that never ends, leaving you anxious and blurry, take some time to find your zen and practice… you guessed it–YOGA! 

I'm not just preaching because I'm a yoga teacher, I genuinely believe in the concept of NAMASLAY! It marries namaste, the ancient yogic greeting and the contemporary slang term slay, which means "to go out there and kill it at whatever it is you're working on—your job, your relationship, your life.”  

Still holding some resistance? Then let me talk you through it by sharing a little personal insight and the research-backed benefits. My hope is that you can reflect on some of my experiences and dig deep to let your most authentic self shine. 

Here are my four tips that may make your workday better and send your productivity through the roof!

woman practicing mindfulness and yoga at work

1. Become a “Hell Yeah” person!

Do you know what my favourite Yoga pose is? It's the ''I can do it'' one! I don't want to sound cliché, but if you believe you can, you're halfway there. This applies to anything from yoga poses to crushing goals and even landing your dream job.  

A "Hell Yeah!" person gets things done! If you are not there yet, start by saying, ''sure, I can give it a shot,” and see where it goes. This is the golden rule I follow for myself on my mat and at work! 

2. You're always one pose away from a good mood 

Most days, when I squeeze in a yoga session, I float into work with the same sense of calm and ease, feeling connected and open to whatever the day may bring. Studies have shown that Yoga and meditation aid with mood swings, depression, and anxiety. It also produces oxytocin (the love hormone) and higher serotonin levels (the happy hormone). 

So stretch it out and I promise that you will be focused, energetic, and creative, which will help your workplace dealings. Don't believe me? Watch me do it! 

person practicing yoga on the beach

3. In a rut? Flow!

You know that feeling when you're ''in the zone'', fuelled by creativity and completely immersed in what you're doing? That’s when you have entered a state of flow and it is no surprise that we use this term in Yoga all the time! Yoga encourages the practice of mindfulness, which has been found to affect thought processes, encouraging the creation of new, imaginative ideas! 

So next time you're in a creative rut, do a little yoga flow because this healthy blend of silence and awareness is what leads to creativity.

Animated image with a typewriter with the words 'creativity'

4. Practice gratitude and you'll be too blessed to be stressed

With gratitude practice and Yoga, I’ve learned how to cultivate positive emotions and well-being on and off my mat. When we are grateful, we can let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in the past or fearful of the future. 

At Innovate By Day, we practice the attitude of gratitude every day! We genuinely believe that building a culture of gratitude and appreciation can transform our work lives, leading to deeper connections that matter.  

Practicing gratitude during our daily check-ins and meetings makes us feel valued, ultimately leading to self-improvement and mutual appreciation. We don't just focus on productivity at work, we also work towards personal development and goals.

tweet saying: We should rethink what we call productive: Inner work like Meditation, Journaling, Breathe work, Yoga; is productivity and some of the most important work that we do.


To conclude, practicing Yoga has this fantastic way of making you feel a little taller, a little more zen, and a little more mindful! Between my energetic flow and the final meditative savasana, I tend to feel empowered and confident - and who doesn’t like feeling that way?  

So bring that feeling to your desk: improve your concentration, be more creative, and flow seamlessly through your work days with minimal stress, tension, or creative blocks by upping (or introducing) your yoga game. 

Three thoughts to leave you with:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list? Close your eyes and incorporate a gratitude practice to reset your thoughts and regain your confidence. 
  2. Only have 10 minutes between meetings? Grab it, hold it, and breathe—it could be the most valuable 10 minutes of your busy day.
  3. Is your energy dwindling and your focus scattered? Take a stretch break to bring back your focus and improve your efficiency. 

Any questions? Reach out to Innovate By Day! We can help with your marketing needs so you can be productive, maintain your focus, and Namaslay!  


Ayushi Shah is a Digital and Social Media Specialist at Innovate By Day. She is also a certified yoga instructor! 

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