What Our Clients Say

  • "Running a television series is always a scramble, leaving me little time (or resources) to personally oversee the marketing of my creation. Working with IBD was a revelation. They were able to quickly and efficiently consolidate the tone, success and viewer aspirations of CALL ME FITZ into a beautifully designed and orchestrated digital media campaign. Not only did we garner new viewers, we finally had the packaging polish and social media reach that had eluded us in previous seasons. On the personnel side, Deb and her team were a joy: funny, hip, tireless, always on the pulse of how to make our show bigger and better in the eyes of a fickle and crowded marketplace. I can't wait to work with them again in future."

    Sheri Elwood Elwood Inc., Call Me Fitz Creator
  • “Thanks again to you and everybody there. It’s been awesome working with you guys so far and it’s made the ROOKIE BLUE site one of the richest, most engaging show sites on ABC.com.”

    Steve M. Dove ABC.com
  • “Deb and the team have a keen understanding of digital and social media trends, and we believe that their instincts will add an invaluable layer of expertise to the community engagement needed to make this our most successful season yet.”

    Zach Feldberg Manager, Original Programming & Shows, Shaw Media
  • "I worked with Deb Day for over a year as our social media and online producer for INSECURITY. Deb has great ideas and terrific follow through. She knows how to deliver on time and on budget, while "over delivering" on ideas and engagement. Deb is an innovator, a collaborator, a communicator and has a great sense of how to extend brand and create excitement and engagement. She's a joy to work with."

    Virginia Thompson Executive Producer, Verité Films
  • “Working with IBD has been an absolute pleasure. Deb and her team are engaging, professional, and ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital. They listened closely to our needs and surpassed all our expectations. The CALL ME FITZ digital campaign and web site they created stands out as a wonderful tribute to the show. We had lots of fun working with IBD, and won't hesitate to partner with them again.”

    Teza Lawrence Executive Producer, Amaze Film + Television
  • “Deb — thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf — it’s truly amazing what you’ve accomplished with the social media component, and we really appreciate it. Here’s to S2!”

    Tassie Cameron, Creator, Executive Producer Rookie Blue
  • “Deb Day is the only woman besides my wife that I can’t say no to. She makes the creative process fun, the brainstorming exciting and we always end up with a product we can all be proud of. Professional, an organizing genius and not afraid to take chances, Deb is every collaborator’s dream.”

    Colin Mochrie Performer, Writer, Creator
  • “Deb is a smart and dynamic individual who invests lots of passion into her work. She’s charismatic and positive which makes her a pleasure to work with. Above everything, she always strives to attain the goals at hand.”

    Bruce Hills, C.O.O. Just for Laughs
  • “Deborah knew all the right questions to ask. She cut to the chase, got to the heart of the matter and helped me further define my priorities and strategy. I didn’t realize how much I needed the direction and help until we began our work together. Her services were well worth the investment.”

    Jessica Lynch, owner MidCoast Music Together
  • “Tu es une personne extraordinaire qui a un sens aigu de compréhension humaine. Un leader né avec une facilité immense à motiver les gens autour de toi et à les amener à atteindre les mêmes objectifs. Tu as été et demeure un mentor pour moi, car tu n’hésites pas à partager tes expériences pour ainsi développer mes connaissances.”

    Marie Josée Smith, Directrice par interim et Secrétaire Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
  • “Deborah is highly creative but she also possesses strong business acumen. This helps her to be able to work on both sides of ideas and can offer strong opinions and technical skill on either side. Deborah is an excellent communicator.”

    Heather Smith, Treasurer Le Petit Chaperon Rouge 2005-2007
  • “Deborah Day has a knack for getting to the heart of things and getting things done with that combination of keen intelligence and a sense of humour that makes her great to work with. I have never been in doubt of the successful outcome of any project we have worked on together.”

    James Weyman, Manager Industry Initiatives Ontario Media Development Corporation
  • “Deborah’s expertise, professionalism, and personality make her such a vital element to the success of this festival. Each year that she has worked with us, our participants have given unanimously positive feedback, particularly noting Deb’s ability to encourage their ideas while coaching them to be articulate and concise.”

    Kerry Potts, Director of Development ImagineNATIVE

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