The Stanley Dynamic
Seasons 1 & 2

Youth, Comedy – YTV

Our Client:
Amaze Film + TV

What We’re Doing:
Funding Application • Digital Strategy • Social Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management

Prepare to be drawn in to The Stanley Dynamic, a YTV multi-cam sitcom that brings family viewers together to laugh along with the Stanleys. This dynamic TV family is a lot like your own, but with one big twist: they have a son who is ANIMATED!

Innovate By Day is the Social Media Producer for The Stanley Dynamic. As part of the social media strategy, Innovate produced original video content including over 75 webisodes with titles such as Are You Sassier than a 4th Grader? and Check It Out with Charles as well as behind-the-scenes featurettes. Daily graphic offerings captured the tone and energy of the series. Working closely with the production team, we created a seamless web experience for the tween fans. Our team live-tweeted and GIF’d every episode with enthusiastic fans, mentored the talent in all things social media, coordinated and covered live events, and promoted the integrated game The Stanley Adventure.

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