Documentary – CBC

Our Client:
White Pine Pictures, Telus Fund

What We’re Doing:
Funding Application • Digital Strategy • Social Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management • National Impact Campaign Coordination • Live Event Planning and Execution • Educational Resource Creation

The documentary Girls’ Night Out is a provocative point-of-view piece investigating binge drinking culture on university and college campuses in Canada.

In preparation for the Girls’ Night Out premiere on CBC, Innovate By Day organized a live Talkback screening event, to foster dialog on the topic of binge-drinking culture. To support the documentary broadcast, we conceived and executed a social media campaign and advertising plan. Subsequent to broadcast, the #RethinkTheDrink Talkback Tour leveraged the documentary Girls Night Out to engage students in an innovative peer-to-peer discussion around their alcohol consumption. Visiting 22 universities and colleges across Canada in 2016, our team blended original digital content and in-person events.

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