Max & Shred

Seasons 1 & 2

Youth Property, Comedy – YTV and Nickelodeon

Our Client
Breakthrough Entertainment

What We’re Doing:
Digital Strategy • Social Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management

Max & Shred is a buddy comedy about the unlikely friendship that forms when an easygoing superstar snowboarder moves in with a genius academic and his family. The show follows the boys into one crazy shenanigan after another, as they navigate the trials of teenage life including school, dating and popularity.

Innovate By Day created and implemented the social and digital media strategy for this YTV, Nickelodeon and Breakthrough Entertainment co-production. In addition to producing graphic content and digital media videos, we worked closely with YTV and Nickelodeon to guide the young talent on how to engage and interact online with their growing fan base of tweens. Our team live-tweeted and GIF’d episodes and engaged with the large international audience. We ran promotional campaigns designed to drive to the series’ companion games, and covered live events over social media.

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