MathXplosion (in production)

Youth Property – Educational – TVO and TFO

Our Client:
GAPC Entertainment

What We’re Doing:
Social Strategy • Digital Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management • Publicity

Math is everywhere! In fact, it’s a ‘MathXplosion!’ Join Eric, the amazing neighbourhood mathemagician as he shows us how it all adds up. In each of these exciting, entertaining, and funny math shorts, Eric reveals secrets from the not-so-hidden world of math. You too can thrill your family and amaze your friends with everyday math facts.

Innovate By Day is the Social Media Producer and the Online Publicity Team for GAPC’s MathXplosion. As part of the social media strategy, IBD is producing digital content in both English and French to support the 50 webisodes that captures the tone and energy of this series. Working closely with TVO and TFO’s digital media team, IBD will assist with online publicity, promote the integrated game, and ultimately create a seamless web experience for the series.

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