Delmer & Marta
Season 1

Comedy Series – APTN

Our Client:
Mosaic and APTN

What We’re Doing:
Social Strategy • Digital Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management

Delmer & Marta is a comedy series that was born through the evolution of CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, a sketch comedy television series, of which Delmer and Marta were the most popular characters. The new Delmer & Marta series sees this hilarious couple relocate to the small city of Morningside, Alberta (Population: 50,000) where Marta lands a job as the interview host for the local morning news show “Good Morning Morningside”. Marta (Howie Miller) and her life-partner Delmer (Sheldon Elter) must adjust to their new lives in the heart of a thriving and close-knit prairie community.

Innovate By Day is working closely with Mosaic Entertainment and Switch United to deliver an online strategy, creative content, and online ad campaigns to support the rollout of two webseries, the companion app, and the television broadcast.

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