Canada in a Day

Documentary – CTV

Our Client:
Screen Siren Pictures

What We’re Doing:
Funding Application • Digital Strategy • Social Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management • Influencer Outreach • Digital/Online Advertising • Video Field Production

Canada in a Day is a user-generated documentary telling the story of a youthful nation on one single day of the year: September 10, 2016. The 90-minute documentary is a true mosaic of Canada directed by Celebrated filmmaker, Trish Dolman. The film will air on CTV in June, 2017.

In collaboration with Screen Siren Pictures, Switch United and CTV, Innovate By Day created a comprehensive digital and social media campaign that drove the video-submission process – resulting in over 11,000 submissions, the Ambassador Program influencer campaign, and online promotion of the film. Through visual content, messaging, online advertising and community moderation in both English and French, we created and nurtured an online conversation about this portrait of Canada.

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