Seasons 1 & 2

Drama Series – City

Our Client:
Don Carmody Productions

What We’re Doing:
Funding Application • Social Strategy • Digital Strategy • Digital Content Creation • Community Management • Digital/Online Advertising • Out of Home Advertising • Video Field Production

In City and Netflix’s thrilling drama Between, a virus kills everyone over the age of 21 in the small town of Pretty Lake. Those left alive are quarantined and must survive food shortages, power outages, and each other if they have any hope of finding the cause of the virus and escaping the fence.

Innovate By Day collaborated with Don Carmody Productions, and Canadian broadcaster City, to produce dynamic digital media and out-of-home marketing campaigns for Between Seasons 1 and 2. In support of Season 2, we produced the EPK, digital engagement videos, a brand new website, an interactive map, a profiler quiz, fan engagement contests leveraging key influencers, and a live digital aftershow. To reach the target audience, we executed an extensive online and out of home ad campaign.

Throughout both seasons, our community managers live-tweeted every episode with enthusiastic fans from all over Canada, engaging the audience with exclusive GIFs, quotes and memes, and ran Between Canada’s official social media accounts as the online voice of the show. “Between Premieres Today” trended worldwide during the Season 1 premiere.

Innovate By Day produced the Season 2 live digital after show, Inside Between, featuring the series cast and hosted by YouTuber ALBinwonderland, and Carmilla star Nicole Stamp.

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