It’s Always Sunny in Mumbai (in production)

Feature Documentary – HBO Canada & RTE

Our Client:
Ballinran Entertainment

What We’re Doing:
Funding Application • Enhanced eBook Design and Production • Digital Strategy • Social Strategy • Digital Content Creation

There is no one else in the world like Sunny Leone. An adult film star of Sikh heritage, Sunny is attempting to cross over into mainstream Bollywood. Her life is the subject of much controversy in a conservative Indian culture where pornography is illegal. Curiosity about her life and career makes an enhanced eBook the ideal digital media extension to complement the feature documentary.

As partners with Ballinran Entertainment, Innovate By Day is producing an enhanced eBook to be released in conjunction with the theatrical documentary. Part scrap-book, part autobiography, part personal journal, It’s Always Sunny in Mumbai, My Life by Sunny Leone will be written from the first-person perspective of Karenjit Kaur Vohra, the real woman behind Sunny Leone, the personality, the character and the brand.

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