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From small town Canada to big city Los Angeles, LaurDIY (with over 7 million YouTube Followers and over 705.5 million YouTube views) has evolved her brand from simple Do-It-Yourself YouTube videos to a mega-influencer in the crowded DIY space. At Innovate, we are always on the lookout to spotlight innovators who are doing it right. LaurDIY is a prime example of a creator who has remained authentic while generating multiple brand partnerships, collaborations and even her own merch.

It all started six years ago when LaurDIY (aka Lauren Riihimaki) created her YouTube channel and began to fill it with DIY videos on fashion, decor, and beauty. This holiday season, she combined her love of cute animals in two new ventures. The first was a partnership with Ardene for the creation of four animal inspired onesies, including a unicorn, panda, flamingo and narwhal. As part of this collaboration, Lauren held two Meet & Greets to celebrate the launch of the collection in Montreal and Toronto. Both events saw hundreds of fans lining up in their onesies for their chance to meet Lauren and snap a pic. She also launched a new plushie collection. All four animal plushies sold out within 25 minutes of being launched on her LaurDIY website in November.

These are just a few of her most recent successes. Earlier in 2017 Lauren partnered with Fanta, to become a Fantana brand ambassador. Other collaborations included limited edition PopSockets and a partnership with Starbucks to launch their Sparkling Tea Juice (for which she created a sparkle inspired sponsored video that aligned perfectly with both the product and her personal brand). These are just a few of her strongest and most rewarding collaborations and they certainly won’t be the last.

These successful collaborations beg the question: What is it about LaurDIY that draws big brands to her time and time again?

For starters, her dedicated audience is VERY dedicated! They call themselves the #prettylittlelaurs and are hyper active and engaged members of her community. Lauren has built a strong community over the past six years who clamour to purchase and support any venture her brand is attached to.

The LaurDIY fanbase is 93% female who share an interest in DIY, fashion, beauty and an appreciation for a cute, kitschy aesthetic. Brands that have paired with Lauren are known for actively seeking this demographic and see a partnership with LaurDIY as a vehicle to reach this audience in the online space – where it can be hard to break through all the noise. Most importantly, the collaborations she embarks on are authentic to both her personal brand and the brand she is endorsing. This allows the integrations and sponsored posts to feel very natural. Lauren puts her personal touch on sponsorship regardless of whether it’s designing a unique product with a company or creating a DIY video. Her sponsored posts work because they don’t feel like product placements.

With the start of 2018, LaurDIY has already made strides for an even bigger and more successful year. She announced just a couple of days into January that she will launch her own line of clothing merchandise. There’s no telling what other ventures Lauren will get up to in 2018, but it’s almost certain it will be another successful year!

Curious to see more? Here’s our favourite examples of LaurDIY partnering with brands.

Lauren partners with Fanta, combining a few of her favourite things.

Lauren partners with Fanta by placing the product in her photo paired with strategic messaging.

Lauren partners with HP in an authentic way  showcasing some of her personal photos.

Lauren’s partnership with Starbucks in collaboration with their new summer drink.

omg HIIII @starbucks #ombrepinkdrink ! ? I think I love u ??????? #ad

A post shared by Lauren Riihimaki (@laurdiy) on

Lauren shares about her 2 page spread in a J14 Decorate magazine.

Lauren partners with Mudd Jeans with a Denim inspired DIY video.

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