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At Innovate By Day, we routinely receive last-minute calls from producers desperate for a Discoverability Plan for their properties. This is a service we take pride in offering, and we’ll always jump at the chance to work with talented producers to help get their projects seen by the right audience(s).  

 We define a Discoverability Plan as a multi-pronged strategy to reach, engage and retain audiences – building and nurturing a committed fandom. Discoverability is at the core of everything we do, from our work on niche indie films to many of Canada’s biggest television shows 

Recently, there has been more interest from our current or potential clients and partners in understanding what constitutes a Discoverability Plan and its importance. We attribute this rise in interest to the following key factors: 

Traditional Marketing No Longer Meets Fans’ Needs

Traditional marketing doesn’t work on its own anymore. It’s not news that networks and producers alike are trying to do more with less. Time and resources that used to go to marketing a show, film or digital series, simply aren’t available anymore.  

Gone are the days that a successful press junket equals a successful series launch. And while we’re not implying that traditional publicity and marketing aren’t an essential part of the success of a project (they are!), discoverability tactics take marketing plans to the next level to reach and engage fans directly, both online and in person. 

Fans Expect Full Access

Fans expect to be able to access shareable content where they are and on a variety of platforms. Including a targeted paid reach strategy is key to any successful Discoverability Plan. Live events – both digital and in person, interactive opportunities and optimized digital content also play significant roles. Because there is no “typical fandom” your Discoverability Plan should never be one-size-fits-all. 

Funders See the Value

More and more we are seeing the word “discoverability” used in our funding programs and application requirements. The Bell Fund’s new pilot programs require producers to submit a detailed Discoverability Plan to support the launch and roll-out of their projects. Shaw Rocket Fund obliges that all applications for investment include a “meaningful (multi-platform) discoverability strategy appropriate for the target audience.”   

IPFs understand that it’s not enough for producers to create incredible content. Audiences need to be found if projects have any hope of being successful.  

Thinking Beyond the Launch

When we build a Discoverability Plan, we take a long-tail approach. We look beyond the launch phase, and work with producers to create a strategy that is executable, sustainable and scalable. This keeps your audience engaged throughout the life of the project. With the right team behind you, your project will enjoy lasting success and a thriving fandom.

* * *

To all the producers out there: please, don’t leave these plans to the last minute. The most successful Discoverability Plans are built during development so their execution can be seamlessly integrated into production and post – limiting negative impact and maximizing opportunities.  

Don’t delay – reach out and see how we can work together to develop and execute a strategic Discoverability Plan for your next project. – Contact Us

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