Trendwatch 009: Sponsored or sold out?

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The Innovate By Day podcast crew is back for our first podcast of 2016! We’ve survived the holidays, Star Wars Episode 7, and a VERY busy January. As content creators and avid consumers of media, we wanted to talk about fan reactions to sponsored content and the realities of content creation and making a living. When YouTubers and podcasters are upfront and creative about incorporating their sponsors’ products into their work, it goes a long way to gaining acceptance from their audience. But there are always those who cry “sellout”. How can you balance your job at Starbucks with being a social media star?

Some of what we covered, in a nutshell:

  • Why Patreon isn’t “e-begging”;
  • Why content creators need to be transparent about sponsorship;
  • Why we love single sponsors versus multiple advertisers;
  • What kind of time, money and gear goes into creating new content week after week?

How do you feel about sponsored content? Have you dumped a content creator for advertising too much? Can you be social media star on Facebook alone?

Links to some of the stuff we talked about today:

Fusion.Net: Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of Internet fame

Carmilla: The Series on Vervegirl TV

Yoga With Adriene: Make Your Own Mat Spray (Whole Foods)

Steve Dangle: Hockey Night in Cinema (Panago Pizza)

Parallax Worlds: Mark on Why Patreon isn’t eBegging 

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