Trendwatch VIII: The Star Wars Edition

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is mere days away and the hype couldn’t be more palpable. The past year has been rife with merchandise, advertising, and promotion of every conceivable kind. Whether it’s Chewbacca on a jar of Coffee-Mate or an RC BB8 droid you can buy your kids for Christmas, there’s a good chance that something in your home is branded by Star Wars.

This Trendwatch: Star Wars

This time around, we’re talking about the hype, the merch, and how to (or if you want to) have a spoiler-free run-up to the movie. Podcasters James, Chloe, Sean, and Mark take on the marketing machine fuelled by Disney dollars and break it down for everyone.

Tech Tips

  • Chloe is all about Uber Eats, an extension of the ride-sharing app that’s bringing people and food together like never before!
  • Sean is loving the Star Wars: Commander game for iOS and Android – it’s like Clash of Clans in the Star Wars universe. Like any great game, it has its light and dark side.
  • Mark plans his daily commute with Waze – the GPS app you didn’t know you needed, but won’t want to go without.
  • James has jumped on the Prune bandwagon – the zen puzzler where you prune a tree to bring its branches to the light.

Extra Credits

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