FOMO? YOLO. Kids on Instagram

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Kids on Social: the pressure to conform, to post only the perfect picture, to comment and respond in just the right way. Team IBD talks about teens and the difference between a public persona and a private life. Are our kids living Mean Girls 2.0? Is social media contributing to Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)? Are we providing a positive or negative influence in the way WE use social media?

The multigenerational team of specialists at IBD weigh in.

Plus, our usual roundup of stuff we love:

  • Sarah wants you to try out CrossMe for awesome nonogram fun. iOS  Android
  • Chloe is hooked on Sims 4 and you could be too!
  • Anjali still loves her some Snapchat.  iOS Android
  • James is brushing up on his French with Duolingo. iOS Android
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