5 Tools You Need to Keep Your Resolutions in 2016

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Since time immemorial, New Year’s is the time that we make resolutions. Whether it’s to eat healthier, go to the gym more often, finish that model train set, or take back control of our lives after the ravages of the Holidays, we produce an endless amount of lists.

How we achieve our goals is often a bit less concrete. So to get everyone started early, I’ve put together a short list of tasks and corresponding tools you can use to make your dreams a little more fruitful, come 2016.

Make a To-Do List

I find there’s nothing quite as helpful as a list to help organize my tasks. From groceries to calling the dentist, a to-do list can make the difference between a well-planned week and a lot of missed commitments.

My pick for this task is Wunderlist, which lets you create lists on your desktop or mobile device and sync items between the two. You can even coordinate with other Wunderlist users in your household or group of friends, making this an ideal app for both personal and collective use.

My Pick: Wunderlist

Use a Calendar

It may seem like a “no duh” solution, but calendars often feel intimidating and present a lot of visual noise and ugly scheduling. Well-designed calendars can be very useful, however, letting you set appointments and track your progress as time goes on, interference-free.

My pick for this is Google Calendar. While I love iCal and other great apps, Google Calendar is linked to your Gmail which makes it very easy to coordinate appointments with other users and lift dates straight from your Gmail or Hangouts, and the phone app is designed for easy reading and attractiveness.

My Pick: Google Calendar

Read More News

Staying informed is a key part of daily life. Aggregators like RSS feeds are how I keep up-to-date with a wealth of topics that matter to me. Whether you’re looking to keep up better with a favourite sports team or want to delve into the latest discoveries of medical science, aggregators can help you find what you want.

Feedly is an aggregator which offers several layouts which makes reading your daily updates a customizable joy. It’s also very easy to share your stories with others through email or your favourite social media service.

My Pick: Feedly

Track Your Habits

Need to break a bad habit or reinforce a new one? Habit trackers can help. Whether they’re sending you encouraging messages every time you pass a milestone or reminding you to take a jog, a good tracker will work with your lifestyle to help improve it in ways that are practical and consistent.

I recommend Habitica, which gamifies habit tracking. With fun, game-like graphics, Habitica turns your personal goals into quests for you to complete, giving the whole experience a fantasy narrative.

My Pick: Habitica

Track your Budget

Having money is a major key to accomplishing your life goals. Making sense of your savings, spending habits, and keeping on top of financial commitments is a juggling act we all have to acclimate to. Whether you prefer spreadsheets or writing things down on paper, inevitably it’s a lot of data to coordinate.

To help, I recommend Mint. It’s a great online service by Intuit and it’s free. It lets you connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial services to one place  so you can see where your money is coming from, and where it’s going. It’s all of your personal finances in a single hub. Plus, its clean interface is a refreshing change from most financial apps which tend to look a bit oppressive.

My Pick: Mint

The New Year is full of lights and parties, but it’s also a time when we take stock and think about what we want to do with our lives. Hopefully this little list can help sort some of that out. My best wishes to everyone in 2016, and Happy New Year!

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