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It’s no secret that photos figure prominently in social media, and having the right app can make all the difference. Here are our top 5 photo apps for sharing your shots, straight from shutter to social.



EyeEm is more than just a photo app. It comes loaded with a community and marketplace where photographers can upload their work and share or sell directly from their phone – no desktop required. Art directors, news outlets, and more can buy photos directly from EyeEm talent for use on their websites.




While only available on iOS, Camera+ is one of the most useful, straightforward apps for powerful phone-based photography. You can tweak your lighting, set up multiple exposure points, use different focus modes, and – in a stroke of genius – pair two iPhones and use one as a remote for the other.




An incredibly powerful app – especially given the $0 price tag – VSCO cam allows users to set shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and a host of other options usually reserved for the DSLR crowd. You can even use its manual focus options to give you fine control over what object you want to bring to the fore.



FastBurst Camera

One for the Android crowd, Fast Burst Camera lets you take rapid-fire shots at up to 30 frames per second (depending on your device). From there, you can either compile them in a GIF or sort them out to find just the right frame for safekeeping. Great for sporting events, crowd shots, and other high-speed situations.




What photo app list would be complete without mentioning Manual? Rather than focusing on image editing, Manual is all about the shoot. Control your exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and more, with blazing-fast responsiveness to help capture moments just the way you want them.


Did we get them all? Give us a shout if you have a fave that we missed, or tell us about which app from our list you love most by leaving a comment below.

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