Trendwatch Tech: August 20th

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At the top of each of our Trendwatch Podcasts we share our favourite tech finds. From live-streaming to e-zines, we’ve got a bevy of new finds this week.

Sarah’s Tech Pick – Facebook Live

Facebook introduces a live-streaming function that shares a pedigree with Periscope and Google Hangouts, but could be the key to bringing live events to the device of your choice. Wired has more here:

Chloe’s Tech Pick –

Put your own artwork on clothing, accessories, swimsuits, keychains, handbags, photobooks and more at! High quality, super cheap! Your new access point to nerdy fashion!

Drew’s Tech Pick – Vine

Okay it’s not new, but Vine’s 6-second video format is breeding a new generation of comedy stars. Check out Gabriel Gundacker for some quickie comedy hits like this one:

Mark’s Tech Pick – Zello

A push-to-talk walkie talkie app, Zello has already amassed some 65 million downloads. Conversations can be one-on-one or one-to-many, and the handy Voice History feature lets you replay that bit of conversation that you just couldn’t make out the first time. It’s free, and promises to remain free for personal use.

James’ Tech Pick – Newsstand

Apple’s Newsstand for iOS allows rich magazine content delivered straight to your iPad at reasonable subscription prices — beats carting dog-eared magazines around for subway reading! Some of the best magazine design is happening in the online versions of major mags. Rumour has it that Newsstand will be discontinued in the near future, though – expect a more streamlined experience and a more direct connection with publishers when that happens. But ’til then: Newsstand it is.

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