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Managing social media and keeping up to date with articles, hashtags, and images can be a real chore. Here’s five of our favourite tools to help clear the clutter and keep you on task:

Buffer1. Buffer
Buffer is, hands down, the best way to schedule your content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just link your services, input your content, and then tell it when you’d like to post. While there are more robust services out there, Buffer has become a major player in the market through its intuitive interface, powerful, free offerings, and one-size-fits-all premium plan.


bitly2. Bitly
In a one-two combo, Bitly not only shortens long URLs into bite-sized morsels, but also lets you track how many clicks your link gets, and where they come from. Clickthrough analytics can be a major component of understanding your social reach, and few services do it as well as Bitly.


Giphy3. Giphy
While not always essential, GIFs can greatly enhance what you’re trying to communicate, especially when using editorial or comedic language with your audience. Giphy’s browser plugin gives you access to their enormous repository of animated images at the press of a button.


Pocket4. Pocket
See something really cool but need to keep it for later? Pocket will remember it for you. Just drag your content into Pocket and keep it safe. It works between your desktop and mobile devices, inside services like Twitter, and lets you save everything from articles to video.


Ritetag5. RiteTag
Want to figure out what the best hashtags are? RiteTag can help, giving you estimates on how far your reach can expand via over 10 million hashtags across multiple services. RiteTag is an indispensable service for those wanting to expand their analytics and messaging.


Those are the top 5 plugins we feel are essential to serving social media. What are your favourites? Tell us if you use any of these and what they’ve done for you!

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