Trendwatch 003: That’s So Fandom!

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This Week’s Topic: Fandom


Fandom Definition courtesy of Google.

On the latest Trendwatch podcast, the team at Innovate By Day unpacks their personal relationships with fandom. What makes a fandom? How long has fandom actually been a thing? (You might be surprised.) How do you get involved (or should you)? And the positive effects fandom can have, not only on their favourite shows, books and movies, but on the greater world around them. From Sherlock Holmes to Star Trek to Harry Potter, our Social and Digital Media pros are all about fandom. Because we don’t just curate for fans – we are fans.

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Episode Notes

Favourite Gadgets & Apps of the Episode

  • Awesome Screenshot –  browser extension gives you some beautiful, easy screenshot options! – James
  • Hooks –  phone app that sends you subtle, quiet notifications about things you like! – Chloe
  • Photoshop CC 2014+ – The Adobe Creative Cloud version of Photoshop has just added multiple artboards, making your graphic design workflow a breeze! – Mark
  • Depop –  Your online store in your pocket. Post pics of stuff you want to sell, chat with sellers, conduct transactions by PayPal, all from your smartphone! – Drew
  • Eh-mojis –  The Tim Hortons cut-and-paste Canadian emojis app has come under fire from reviewers, but it’s super fun and cute – if a little buggy.– Sarah

Fandoms for Social Good

We discuss in the podcast about fandoms working for social good, either through organizations or via individuals. If you’d like to learn more about these people and projects, here are some helpful links:

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