Top 5 Non-English Social Media Services

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Top 5 Non-English Social Media Services
We all know about Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, but what about the non-English-speaking world? While sizable portions of South America, non-English Europe, Asia, and Africa all use the same services as the English-speaking world, there are many that, while unpopular or inaccessible in English, have huge foreign market shares. Here are 5 of the most-used services:

cyworld-logo1. Cyworld

Managed by SK Communications, Cyworld is similar to Habbo or Gaia Online, granting users a visually pleasing, isometric “home” to customize, while also offering a virtual currency, tradable items, and other such game-like features in a social media environment. It has around 18 million users between South Korea, China, and Vietnam.

tuenti-logo2. .Tuenti

.Tuenti began as essentially the Spanish alternative to Facebook, and today features over 8 million users with features heavily oriented towards personal connections, interests, and events, much like its Silicon Valley equivalent. A big shift came in 2012, when .Tuenti began orienting its service towards mobile users, away from a desktop web interface, adding such features as VoIP and international calling.

weibo-logo3. Sina Weibo

Weibo is China’s answer to Facebook and Twitter, following a similar microblogging structure. With over 500 million users, it’s one of the largest social media sites on the planet, with versions available for the People’s Republic of China, the PRC-governed region of Hong Kong, and the separate, but culturally related Republic of China (Taiwan). Users require a citizenship or cellphone number to post on the PRC version.

skyrock-logo4. Skyrock

A social blogging and messaging service with strong focus on musicians to showcase their work, Skyrock is immensely popular in its home country of France. It’s currently ranked as the 7th largest social media network at 21 million users, and while available in other languages, retains both a social and political culture that is largely defined by its French-speaking membership.

line-logo5. LINE

LINE was originally founded as a response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, which damaged normal telecommunication lines across Japan. The social network was developed with strong communication tools as a result, and has been migrated to virtually every mobile and desktop platform available. Today, it enjoys over 300 million users across Japan, South Korea, and North America.

While it’s normal for us to only think of North American social media as a global phenomenon, the reality is quite a bit more diverse. These services easily rival our domestic giants and many have caught on for English users as well.

Do you think any of these services might challenge established North American networks like Twitter and Facebook?

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