5 Social Video Services You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

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We all know about Periscope, Vine, and Instagram Video, but there’s a plethora of social video apps out there that just aren’t well-known. Despite that, they have amazing features and we wanna show them some love! Here’s our Top 5:

MixBit1. MixBit

Created by two of the three founders of YouTube, MixBit lets users add to each other’s videos, collectively “mixing” them through in-app editing. Videos can be 1 second to 1 hour, allowing for a wide range of dynamic projects as well as random mash.


keek2. Keek

A microvideo service, described by some as the Twitter of video, is a short-form video sharing platform with a 36-second time limit. More focused on video than what Instagram provides, but with a longer time limit than what users are allotted on Vine.


vimeo3. Vimeo

A polished, high-end video sharing site, it’s perhaps the lesser known cousin to YouTube. Vimeo was the first major outlet to allow HD video, and features a Pro package for producers who want more space, ad-free broadcasting, and higher resolution.


GIFBoom4. GIFBoom

This GIF-maker uses your camera to record, process, and export GIFs – low-resolution, fun-looking animations – ready for sharing. Captions and other effects can be added, and then shared out to other social media networks.


taptalk5. TapTalk

Designed so that users can quickly send photos and videos to each other, TapTalk is designed around having an almost purely visual interface. Tap on a friend’s face to send them something, quickly and easily, one-to-one.


Do you use any of these lesser-known services? Perhaps there’s one we’ve missed that you think is really cool? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

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