What We Saw on Social – MAY

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What We Saw on Social – MAY

What happened in May? Well, as it turns out, a lot! We’ve got the lowdown on the top six things we saw happen on social media.


1. Hashtagging Emojis on Instagram


Love hashtags? Love emojis? Instagram married the two for users early in May. Virtually every emoji can be used with a hashtag, though there are a few notable exceptions including the eggplant, which generated its own trend on Twitter: #FreeTheEggplant.


2. Suicide Squad films in Toronto


Warner Bros. and DC’s newest franchise film, Suicide Squad, turned Toronto and the surrounding regions into ground zero for its cinematography needs across May. Sightings of stars in local businesses, albeit incognito (or at least playing evasive) abounded.


3. Mad Max: Fury Road


Director George Miller’s reinvigoration of the Mad Max franchise hit theatres mid-May. While it didn’t take the number one box office spot (that went to Pitch Perfect 2), it made waves both critically and with audiences. Whether taken for its narrative social commentary or as a piece of high-octane dystopian movie going, it’s become a fan favourite.


4. Dad Bods are Hot


Feeling like fatherhood has caught up with you and your body? Well, never fear. Turns out, dad bods are in style. A little extra pudge is just what the public’s craving and the dad bod is the new muscle.


5. Red Nose Day


Canada participated in Red Nose Day, helping to raise awareness and funds for charities benefitting children and young people across the world. While originally founded in the UK, Red Nose Day has become an international effort by entertainers to give the world a brighter smile.


6. Equality in Ireland


While Canadians have enjoyed equal marriage for close to a decade now, Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community hasn’t been so fortunate. That ended on May 22nd, when a referendum on marriage in Ireland changed things to allow partners of any gender to get married. While the law is still going into effect, marriage in Ireland will soon be really and truly equal.

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