Trendwatch 002: Talking TV

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This week the crew at IBD discuss binge watching, live-tweeting and what shows they are looking forward to this summer.

Check out our favourite tech finds of the week!

Sarah –  Timehop

What did you post on Instagram 2 years ago today? This app provides you with a daily update of photos and updates from this exact day in history on all your social platforms.

ChloeBuzzfeed Canada

The social news and entertainment site has finally made its way to Canada. Want to find out want Timbit flavour you are? Head on over there to find out.

MarkLast Pass

An extension/app that remembers your passwords for all your accounts so you don’t have to.

DrewOne Second Everyday (1SE)

Record and store one second of every day of your year in this app. Once the year is up, you can combine them all together to make one 6 minute video that spans your entire year.

JamesScrabble (app)

The classic board game is now an app! You can play Scrabble online with friends, family or challenge a stranger.

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